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Hey there,

I am trying to implement a Report queue.
I allready have my Reports (f. e. Invoice), which work well so far. But in case, the "Document Date" is in future, I don't want the Report to be printed.
The Report should be printed (or run), when the Document Date <= TODAY.

What is done so far:

There is a table

In my Report, I do put content in the table, if it shouldn't be printed TODAY.

Here I put in some example data in my new table:

Next I want to loop through my new table like this:

I do need help, because I am not able to fill in the needed data into the Request Form.
For our example (Todays the 06.06.2019) the code should silent-run three reports.

Please do the following:
--> Put in "Document No." (out of table "Document Source")
--> Put in "No. of Copies" in var g_NoOfCopies_Int
--> Put in "Report Delivery" in var g_ReportDelivery_Txt
--> Run Report with Report ID "Report-ID" silent

Repeat with each record in my new table (after filtering)

I just typed in manually for example No. 4

So, after all, I need to know, how to pass Variables and set a Filter to a specific DataItem to a Report (Report by ID) and run it silent.

Someone gotta idea? :smile:

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  • DasChamaeleonDasChamaeleon Member Posts: 4
    YEAH! Your solution still brilliant! :) Thank you very much!!

    Needed some time to adjust the code for my needs. If someone also not that experienced (like me) is trying to use this solution, you must not use "reportvarname50230.USEREQUESTPAGE(false)" - you need to use "reportvarname50230.USEREQUESTFORM(false)" (PAGE vs FORM)

  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 383
    True, had to leave something for your own imagination ;)
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