Dynamics 365 Business Central: BC Translate

About the solution

Innova presents BC Translate, the solution which allows Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central developers to generate and maintain the translations of their developments / solutions in a quick and easy way.

The add-on is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and it is certified by App Source, which guarantees that it meets the strictest quality standards required by Microsoft. It also manages translations from the user’s system and uses any available language.

Translations are created from the base translation file generated by each extension, and they are done manually or through the automatic translation system, quickly generating the translation file.

BC Translate also performs the translation for the user. With the present solution, the user will be able to use the automatic translation system that will speed up the process of locating the developments/solutions for any country/language.

Not only will BC Translate allow the partner to generate the translated files for all the necessary languages, but it will also allow them to keep the translations up to date. BC Translate recognizes those new lines of translation of existing files so new translations can be added quickly, also being able to be eliminated or modified.

How does BC Translate work?

For a proper use of the BC Translate solution, it is required to:
  • Sign up to the Innova Online portal (Register)
  • Install BC Translate solution from the App Source of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Once the solution is installed in Dynamics 365 Business Central, a manual configuration will have to be performed through the installation wizard:


When accessing the installation wizard, you can configure the different sections of the application: Innova Online Configuration (referred to the Innova Online portal), languages, etc.


The language configuration is done manually, and the code must be indicated. In the next image it can be seen that "ISO 639-1" corresponds to the language. An example is as an example is "es-ES" for the Spanish language.


The work area

The installation of the solution generates a BC Translate Profile work area to speed up access to different documents and actions.



The installation of the solution generates a BC TRANSLATE permission to be associated to the users that manage the solution.


For further information, do not hesitate to visit Innova's webpage!

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