Manage inventory among several stores in the same location

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Hi all!

I'm still thinking about doing replenishment. These are the facts:
1)The company has several locations: New York, Washington, Boston and Atlanta. Each location has several stores: NY --- 5 stores ( NY1, NY2, NY3...), WA --- 4 stores, BO --- 6 stores, etc...

2) Each store in each location can order goods directly to the supplier or through the Head office or the main warehouse in the assigned location.

3) If goods have been ordered by each location in the same location, the head office or the main warehouse must add all inventory needs and purchase goods at a suuplier. Once goods arrived, the main warehouse must distribute goods to the concerned store.


- How this scenario can be managed in Nav4 keeping in mind that at each store , several POS are used.

- If " Requisition system " is used, how will be the process and the set up?

Thank you for helping me to resolve that problem.


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    tatianatatiana Member Posts: 37
    So no idea on how to solve that?
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    sekarsekar Member Posts: 11

    It can be done by adding some field in the location card for grouping many warehouse to one main warehouse.

    1. category : Main location / sub-location
    2. Sublocation : to select the main location. (If sub location)

    by using this type of seggregation, the warehouses may be mapped.

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