Get the related Page of a Cardpart

LerxxLerxx Member Posts: 10
I have Cardpart which should be filtered based on what Page/Table and Record it's on.
Is there any way to get the SourcePage and SourceRecord on which my CardPart is nested in my CardPart without calling something from the SourcePage?
I want my CardPart to be as flexible as possible, so one could just add it to a page without adding any code and it will filter itself perfectly fine by knowing on what page it is nested.

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  • LerxxLerxx Member Posts: 10
    You could check the set filters in filtergroup 4 which is the SubPageLink filters. You could define a "useless" FlowFilter and give it specific meanings based on where the cardpart is linked from.

    Not completely what i wanted but good enough thank you very much:). Used the SubPageLink version successfully.

    Have a good day.
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