NAV2018 - Publisher events in ISV-range

ITE-KRAITE-KRA Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone,

In NAV2018cu4 Publisher-events stop working in the ISV-Range everytime the NAV-service is restarted.
(They are still listed as active in the Event Subscription-list)
To fix it we have to recompile the Codeunits in the ISV-Range every time.

In the Customer-Range (50000-99999) everything works fine.
NAV2017 and BC works fine.

Is this a known issue - and does anybody have a idea for a workaround?

I have already tried manually binding the subscribers.



  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 496
    Hi @ITE-KRA
    Event subscriper stop working on some of the first build in NAV 2016, but you should be able to find the KB Article on this.
    I had a customer which depended on event subscriber, we ended you doing a technical update to NAV CUXX to fix the problem
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  • ITE-KRAITE-KRA Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your reply - we'll look into doing a technical update.
    For now we'll just recompile the objects when the service restarts
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