Help to instal Nav 2013 and get a 20€ Amazon Voucher

KAIfiKAIfi Posts: 6Member
i need to instal Nav 2013 with Cronus Ag
Help me and you get a 20€ Amazon Voucher :)
many Greetings


  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Posts: 45Member
    It's a fairly straight-forward process, Natalie. You can most likely do it yourself. Head over to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 CU website (official link), select the Cummulative Update that you want (most likely the latest available), scroll to the bottom (-ish), click on the download link, select the country version (DE, I'm guessing) and the where to download. When it's done, unpack it and inside there should be another archive, that should be called something like "", where XXXXX is the build number of the update, and YY - country code. Unpack that archive and you can run "Setup.exe", select what options you want - Demo (should install everything you need using default configuration) or custom (client, server, development environment, any other features - can select just the things you really need) and install. At the end you should have an icon on your Start Menu to run NAV 2013
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  • KAIfiKAIfi Posts: 6Member
    Thank you for your answer.have tried several times but the server connection fails :/
  • midegomidego Apeldoorn, The NetherlandsPosts: 37Member
    Can you post a screenshot of the error message you are getting?
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  • TallyHoTallyHo Posts: 282Member
    Nice incentive, tripple the Amazon bonus and I'll fix it through teamviewer ;) ;) ;)
  • KAIfiKAIfi Posts: 6Member
    TallyHo wrote: »
    Nice incentive, tripple the Amazon bonus and I'll fix it through teamviewer ;) ;) ;)

    hahaha ... no thanks... :D
    a very nice and talented forum member has (within a few minutes) already eliminated the problem.
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