Is it possible to call sales order page release action form codeunit?

Hi All:

I want to call sales order page release action through web service from c# app.Is it possible to call sales order page release action form codeunit or page ? Our NAV version is 2016

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  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Posts: 45Member
    Yes, there's codeunit 414 "Release Sales Document" that has a function PerformManualRelease (takes Sales Header as parameter).
    Arturas Kulsinskas
  • vinceliu666vinceliu666 Posts: 24Member
    Hi ShaiHulud :smile:

    Thanks for your reply. I could call codeunit 414 to release the Sales Order Document. But sometimes we will program some code in "Release Action" on the Sales Order page for validate or do something between user press the Release action and the action to call codeunit 414. Therefore, if i call the codeunit 414 directly. Those code in "Release Action" which before the action to call codeunit414 will not be access.

    I think the best way is to call Sales Order Page "Release Action" directly. But it seems not possible.

    Do you have any ideal to do this?
  • vinceliu666vinceliu666 Posts: 24Member
    Hi Miklos_Hollender:
    Thanks for your reply.Your suggestion is very important key thinking point.Both of you are expert in NAV ERP.I will follow your suggestion to make sure programming team members work smoothly.

    Thanks both of you again.
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