Navision 2018 extension menu items disapears

daniza87daniza87 Member Posts: 2

Sorry by my english is not good.

I have a problem with my extension menu items in a client. When I install my extension all the items appear but at the time they disappear. I have two databases (test and production) and I only have this problem in the production database.

I checked the license and all the objects are included.

I'm working with servers of

Does anyone know what is the problem?



  • RobyRRobyR Member Posts: 39
    Hi @daniza87 ,
    If I understood, after the extension installation you correctly see the pages and reports those are in your application but, after an unspecified amount of time, they disappear.
    Did you note if some activity is done before the disappearing?
    Do you have the same cumulative update in test and production environment? Which one?

    Have a nice day,
  • daniza87daniza87 Member Posts: 2
    Hi @RobyR

    Thanks for the answer.

    Yes, you understood very well.

    I have not detected any activity in particular.

    Test and production enviorments have the same cumulative update (CU10) and they are in the same server. Test database is a production database backup.

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