SMTP.Appendbody error

armelaarmela Posts: 17Member
I am working with a customer in NAV 2013.
Using the statement
Result = SMTP.Appendbody(texvalue) , I get an error message saying
A call to Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav. SMTP.Smtp.Message.Appendbody failed with this message "Parameter Count Mismatch".
Any idea what that means ??
Text value has 49 characters and none of them are any special ones.
Any help is appreciated as I am running out of ideas.

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  • armelaarmela Posts: 17Member
    edited 2019-05-22
    No I am calling the following function

    Result := MailSMTP.AppendBody(valmessage);

    where MAILSMTP is the SMTP .net variable.

    ValMessage = 'Thank you for using company XYX'
  • armelaarmela Posts: 17Member
    Your solution worked.
    If I just do MailSMTP.AppendBody(valmessage); that works. Thank you.
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