Adjust cost, prevent back posting

lzrlzr Member Posts: 264
We currently have adjust cost setup to run during the night. It will open up previous month and then run, otherwise there are errors. Now we have financial people complaining about that the results are getting altered after they have closed their month.

Has anyone made a solution where adjust cost posts on the first open date if it can't post on the original date?
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  • Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,597
    Version dependent but in later versions if you set Allow Posting From/To in the G/L Setup then it will post only to the open period. (Closing Inventory Periods would also works but nobody is doing that IMHO.) Take a look at Codeunit 5895 and search for ItemJnlLine."Posting Date" , see how that is filled out.
  • KTA8KTA8 MadridMember Posts: 320
    As Miklos said if you close inventory period it will go to the next avalaible period.
  • lzrlzr Member Posts: 264
    Next time it stops I will take a deeper look into how it's set. Inventory periods won't work since there are so many old errors which needs to be fixed first.
    Thanks for your input!
    Navision developer
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