Navision Performance Monitor Utility v1.0

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Navision Performance Monitor Utility v1.0
This is a little utility that buffers results from the client monitor into categories by source object, function name, and table.

It was developed to identify peformance issues, make spotting trends a little easier, and for monitoring performance changes with modified vs. unmodified objects.

To run this, turn on the client monitor and run an activity (such as posting a sales order). Turn off the client monor and then run the performance monitor form. Select Load Buffer from the functions menu to get buffered results.

I put this up here because there seemed to be some interest in it. Do what you like with this, if you improve it, feel free to submit a better version.

This fob file is uploaded as support for the thread slow navision on sql.

Objecs are Table 50000 and Form 50000.

Discuss this download here.
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