Microsoft Business Solution 4.0 SP3, SQL 2000 Database Suspect.

febriandiyfebriandiy Member Posts: 3
We're Running NAV with SQL2000 Database.

Couple days ago, it wont open, and when i check on sql Server Manager, the Database get Suspect.

When i try to copy the MDF, NDF, and LDF file to other location, The MDF file unable to copy to unreadable Data.

So i assume that MDF cause the suspect.

I try to recover the MDF with third aplication, and success.

But the Recover file was MDF and LDF file.

And when try to open the Database with NAV, it give error that there's no NAV database on that.

Is there a way that i can combine this recover database, to the old database that i cureently use.

Would Appreciate for your Help.


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    The MDF contains the NAV objects and the NDF the data. The LDF is the transaction log file.
    When a DB is suspect, it must be checked out immediately. But restarting the server or disconnecting the DB is not a good idea.
    At this point it seems the DB is a complete loss. I think it is best you restore your last backup.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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  • febriandiyfebriandiy Member Posts: 3
    Unfortunately, theres no backup for this Database.
    And the Suspect Database still on the list on SQL server Manager.
    So if i checked on SQL server MAnager, the status still suspect.

    Is it any idea, to recover this Database?
  • febriandiyfebriandiy Member Posts: 3
    I've sucesful to get the Database back to online. I've 5 company on that Database, Success to Backup 2 company, 3 company fail with error from navision app.

    In server manager, i fail to backup database, with mdf error.

    Any idea, to backup or repair teh fail backup company on nav?
  • krikikriki Member, Moderator Posts: 9,079
    You can try to copy out the data using select-statements or using dataports and then create a new DB and import all that data in again.
    Or you can use DBCC CHECKDB and allow dataloss. You will get your DB back to a state where you can do a native backup of the companies, BUT YOU WILL LOSE DATA! How much data? I have no idea. Depends on the extend of the corruption.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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