Caption in Excel via NAV

Cindy96Cindy96 Posts: 23Member
Hey guys !

How can i add a field in Excel that is not in NAV table ,i am using report to export data in Excel .



  • Developer101Developer101 Posts: 352Member
    is it a NAV report?
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  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 334Member
    where do you want to get the data from if not from NAV?
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  • Cindy96Cindy96 Posts: 23Member
    Yes it is a Nav report and i am getting data from T121. I have to export some data and the last field is Total Value of (Price Excl.VAT) Receipt. I can add in Excel fields of the table but i dont know how to add this as caption .
  • Developer101Developer101 Posts: 352Member
    Check Report 29 for ideas maybe?
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  • Cindy96Cindy96 Posts: 23Member
    I already did that thank you
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