URL not formatted in Word Layout within table

jonathanchyejonathanchye Member Posts: 34
I have created a Word layout report and have added a repeating element. One column contains the URL.

I've followed the instructions here (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics-nav/setting-up-hyperlinks-in-word-report-layouts) to append "_Url" to the dataset column however the actual url is displayed as the dataset column name in the table.

If I add the field outside of the table as non-repeating it displays fine as a hyperlink.

For testing I've also added RDLC report and output the URL in a table within the RDLC report and it displays as the actual URL instead of the dataset column name.

Can anyone please advise?

I've followed the instructions here (https://debajmecrm.com/2016/01/07/dynamics-crm-word-template-repeating-content-rows/) to create the table in the Word template.


  • jonathanchyejonathanchye Member Posts: 34
    Behaviour I noticed is that if view via Outlook non web client the URL is parsed. However I've tried viewing it on a few web clients and the URL is just a string.

    I really don't want to generate the email body content via code and would prefer using the Report Selections if possible.

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