Digital Signature Solution: eSign Facturae

About the solution

Innova presents eSign Facturae, a solution that generates invoices in electronic format digitally signed. It is suitable for public administrations and direct customers who request their digitally signed invoices.

The solution is fully integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central and it is certified by AppSource, which ensures the fact of meeting the strictest quality standards required by Microsoft.

eSign Facturae presents an add-on which allows the partner to digitally sign XML files. These XML files are generated from invoices or sales receipts, and they also accept the standards of Facturae and FACe, which are necessary to work with Public Administration (PA).

With eSign Facturae you can generate your digitally signed XML invoices and send them to the public administrations. eSign Facturae has the same normative standards of Facturae, from the issuance of invoices to the main portals of public receipt of invoices, among which FACE stands out.

How can I use eSign Facturae?

For a proper use of the solution BC Data Manager, it is required to:
  • Sign up to the Innova Online portal and then open the application to be able to use it.


Home Facturae

The eSign Facturae can be found on the Home screen, from where you can get access to certificates, documents, and usage data.


Innova Online portal makes it possibe to store digitally signed or unsigned documents. In order to be able to sign them, it is necessary to store the digital certificate. And it is from the Certificates section from where it can be stored.



Document storage must be done from the Documents section. In case documents need to be signed, you must tick the option "Sign" and indicate the digital document and your password. Once the document is saved, the information that is kept can be seen in the list.

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