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inpardosinpardos Posts: 1Member
Hi all,

In Business Central, when trying to create new customers throught API's -> Create customer


I think there appears very few fields, when customer's table has a lot more.

For example, if I want to integrate Salesperson Code, imagining that the Salesperson record will already exist, and only want to load the value... How could we do it?

If there are some fields with table relation that does not have "GUID" fields, can we use also or the GUID fields are necessary? (Salesperson Code example again)


Can BC Standard APIs be modified to add new or different existing fields? How? Creating extensions for "Entity" pages?
If not... What should be done? Custom APIs from standard records?
Publishing web services like Dynamics NAV standard untill now?

Thanks in advance.

See you!

Iñigo Pardos.


  • RobyRRobyR ItalyPosts: 39Member
    Hi @inpardos ,

    I think (but not tried) that you can create a PageExtension to extend the API page as you do for all kind of pages.
    Don't know about the GUID field for related table, but also to keep available for everyone the API, it should be a good way to work creating an API page also for Salesperson for example, so an external software can check the SalesPerson list before creating a customer.
    In this case, I succest TableExtension for SalesPerson, API page for SalesPerson, PageExtension for Customer.

    This should work,
    Have a nice day

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