Can't open Report Layout desginer

raja123raja123 Posts: 48Member
I'm using nav2017. I'm trying to open the layout in report designer. But I'm getting this


  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 248Member
    go too tools --> Option --> "Use reportbuilder" change to yes
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  • raja123raja123 Posts: 48Member
    edited 2019-05-13
    use reportbuilder already enabled.
  • swpoloswpolo UkrainePosts: 79Member
    Try to export report in txt format and explore bad characters. Possibly they are not supported on your localization.
    Also you can remove some of sections from your report (in txt) and import it again. So you can decrease the txt file and test it again.

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  • raja123raja123 Posts: 48Member
    edited 2019-05-13
    I disabled 'use reportbuilder' and opened the layout from report designer, I'm getting this
    It opened in visual studio 2012
    I tried pressing both 'yes' and 'No' then I'm getting this error
  • vaprogvaprog Posts: 884Member
    Do you get the error with one particular report or with any report?
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