BC When using the "send by email" option, is there an easy way to customize the file name?

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I have a Swedish client that wishes to send all attachments using English file names but I believe the filename is hard coded. Digging into it, it looks like CU260 the function GetAttachmentFileName hardcodes part of the filename using the text constant ReportAsPdfFileNameMsg. Given that we're doing an extension there doesn't seem to be a way to change this without essentially recoding large chunks of the email infrastructure.

Essentially there are three components to the filename. Roughly [Application Area] (like sales/purchase) [Document Type] [Document No.]. I can see how to override the document type component, but the rest of it, specifically the application area, does not seem to be customize-able without, as previously mentioned, recoding a chunk of the email infrastructure just so I can avoid a text constant that we can't override through an extension.

Call Stack is below:

Page 143 - Email OnAction
Table 112 - EmailRecords (can override the [document type] component of the file name here)
Table 60 - TrySendToEMail
Table 60 - TrySendToEMailGroupedMultipleSelection
Table 60 - SendToEmail
Table 77 - SendEmailToCust (note, last event publisher here that could potentially be used to override but actual override needed is 5 levels deeper)
Table 77 - SendEmailToCustDirectly
Table 77 - SendEmailDirectly
CU 260 - EmailFile
CU 260 - EmailFileInternal
CU 260 - GetAttachmentFileName (uses text constant for the first part of the filename)

Has anybody managed to do this in an easier way?
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