BC Data Manager for the partners of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

About the solution

Innova presents BC Data Manager, a solution that allows Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central developers to modify and remove system records in a smart work environment.

Being exclusively aimed at Microsoft Dynamics partners for the day-to-day management of the records made by their customers, BC Data Manager helps the partners to manage all their customers in a 100% Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central work environment.

With BC Data Manager and your profile as a partner, you can make any modification / reversion of modification, or elimination / reversion of deletion of records within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

You can also check all the modifications / deletions made for each of your customers and, by using BC Data Manager, you can even revert a modification /deletion to its previous state.

How does BC Data Manager work?

For a proper use of the solution BC Data Manager, it is required to:
  • Sign up to the Innova Online portal
  • Download the BC Data Manager solution from the Innova Online portal and install it within Dynamics 365 Business Central system

Once BC Data Manager is downloaded, the installation of the solution generates a BC Data Manager Profile work area in order to speed up the access to different documents and actions, as it is shown next:


What are the next steps?

After the configuration of BC Data Manager, the application is ready to be used.

The main page of the solution contains the access to the Changes and Deletions features of the system records:


Changes Templates

The Changes Templates allow the partner to configure the tables to make any changes. You can access the Changes, Changes Matrix, Executed Changes and History Changes pages:


Save Changes

When the fields to change have been modified in the Changes pages, they must be saved. This will update the system with the new information, in addition to saving the executed changes and its history:

For "Save the changes", you must put the Customer Id. from Innova Online portal:


Deletions Templates

The Deletions Templates allow you to configure the tables to make any deletions from any system table. The partner can access the Deletions, Executed Deletions and History Deletions pages:


Save Deletions

As it happens in the case of "Changes", Deletions must be saved, as well:

For "Save the deletions", you must put the Customer Id. from Innova Online portal:


For further information, do not hesitate to visit Innova's webpage!

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