Nav 2009 Vendor Page Crashes

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(Posting n this category as I could not find one for prior to Version 7).
I have inherited a Navision 2009 Database (that’s right 2009 R2 SP1 (6.00.32012) containing multiple companies using windows authentication on an RTC client.
I have a number of users who cannot execute the Vendor Page (page 26). When they access it, the application crashes with the below message. Every other page is fine.

The interesting bit is that, it does not affect all users. Some users can open it without the above error. I have done the below checks.
1. Ensured that the Navision permission between the user that can open the page versus who can’t are the same.
2. Restarted the Application Business Web Service.
3. Compiled the affected page (page 26 Vendor).
4. Reset the personalisation.xml file under appdata folder and also tried multiple computers.
5. Synchronised windows user account for the users that are affected.
6. Granted the affected users SUPER permissions for test purposes.
7. Created a database login account and grated super permission and still the same problem.

Any guidance on what else to look at will be highly appreciated.



  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 495
    Is there any error in the eventviewr (both on client and server) ?
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    Try deleting User Personalisation records for Vendor Card page for affected users.
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    Hi @SanderDk , below are the event viewer logs.
    Client Logs
    Server Logs

    @Slawek_Guzek - I have also tried deleting the personilisation record for the affected user and same problem.

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