Job Queue Category Locked error when running JobQueuePosting

jordi79jordi79 Posts: 181Member
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Do any one of you face any errors with Scheduled Tasks/Job Queues/JobQueueSalesPosting? This is on NAV2017 CU29.

The error is -->

The operation could not complete because a record in the Job Queue Category table was locked by another user. Please retry the activity.

This error is traced to Codeunit 448.

LOCAL WaitForOthersWithSameCategory(VAR JobQueueEntry : Record "Job Queue Entry") : Boolean
IF JobQueueEntry."Job Queue Category Code" = '' THEN

// Use the Job Queue Category as a semaphore so only one checks at the time.
IF NOT JobQueueCategory.GET(JobQueueEntry."Job Queue Category Code") THEN

I have even tried LOCKTABLE(TRUE) to wait for the record to be unlocked, but I still get this error.



  • gycsiakgycsiak Posts: 13Member
    I also face this issue, but with different tables. It seems, that the LOCKTABLE(TRUE); is not taken into account by the system and the Table1.MODIFY; command tries to run, while it seems that the LOCKTABLE(TRUE) wasn't succesfull...
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