Switching to back-flushing on Production Orders

blackc2005blackc2005 Member Posts: 18
Hi all. We are looking to change some of our items to back-flushing on NAV 2013. Currently they are set to MANUAL. Is there a process that should be followed to changing from manual to back-flushing? Are there any concerns we need to be aware of? I also wanted to just confirm that you can have both manual and back-flush items on a single production order?



  • sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Member Posts: 136
    Before changing to backwards flushing, you need to be sure that the quantity you have on you BOM is correct. There are no workflow, besides manual control, to secure that the quantity that is deducted from inventory is correct.
    There are no issue with having both backwards and manual flushing on a single production order.
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