Error while Posting Transfer Order

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We are facing awkward problem while posting Transfer Orders containing Items with Item tracking as Lot Specific. While posting the Order the system gives an error that the "Qty to handle (base) must be -XXXX in tracking specification entry No=1".
but the quantity associated with that Item is different from the Quantity displayed on the error message.

On analysing we were able to find that the error can be replicated if we create a Purchase Order with the Item being Purchased in more than one Lines , now if we allot same lot no to these lines then the reservation entries hence created will cause the above said error . This error will be flashed even if we try to ship any other Item in any other Transfer Order


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    It is normal, if you want to transfer item with more lot nos. you need new line per lot no... it is same as in internal item journal etc.

    But do not ask me why... :-(
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