Database Shifting

omyvadiyaomyvadiya Member Posts: 124
I am having both the database layer and service layer on the same server, and we are running approximately 30 stores on this single database (nav 2016).

The database is stored in the C drive of the server, i am planning to move that database from C drive to D drive for the following reasons:
1. Approx 60 gb space will be set free in C drive if i move the db to D drive.
2. And i hope so the speed of Nav 2016 will increase/improve by doing so.
3. And i hope there won't be any problem in nav usage at stores/ho.

Please suggest, is it doable, if anyone has practically done so.

Thanks in Advance


  • vijay_gvijay_g Member Posts: 884
    you can simply use attach and detach method to do so and there will be no issue.
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