Sorting a lookup View

TESDeveloperTESDeveloper Member Posts: 41
When we attempt to sort a lookup like the image below on description for example the lookup records disappear.

The keys for the lookup table are Classification Code and Code.

How can we prevent this from happening and sort on description.





  • Jan87Jan87 Member Posts: 26
    edited 2019-04-27
    Hi TESDeveloper,

    there are two functions you can trigger in the drilldown-page.

    First is the sorting. You can sort by right click on the column header and select if you want ascending or descending.

    Second is filtering. You trigger it by left clicking on a cloum header. Then this column is filtered with the value from the field you started the drilldown. In your example '55' I would guess. And because there are no descriptions that match this filter the resulting page is empty.

    So I guess that is intended from Micorsoft and you cannot change it.
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