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I have a client who needs to retreive data from their credit card processor for reconcilation. This data comes in xml format, and can be retreived by entering in a certain url - if I enter the url (something like ... d=password), and it displays the xml. I can then "save as" if I like.

Now I know this is intended to be automated - but I cant for the life of me work out how to automate this within Navision. There doesnt seem to be a dos command that can do this (unless I download a dos port of wget, which I am trying to avoid, as I want to use standard windows stuff only), and my playing with the internet automations has brought no joy yet.

Can someone help me please?


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    Put this code snippet in the OnPush trigger of a button for instance.
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    Thanks for your reply, but I'm after something which is completely transparent to the user. I beleive the code you suggested will pop up internet explorer (or whatever their default web browser is), and the user will have to select "save as", etc etc.

    I'm after something which automatically saves the page, without anything poping up.
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    Sorry mate, can't help you out there :oops: . For that you'll probably have to use the MSIE object model, although I am not sure to what extent that is exposed within Navision.
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    XmlHTTP is your friend. Here's an example that grabs the 'Recent Discussions' rss feed from mibuso and displays the title of the first item.

    'xmlHTTP' is 'Microsoft XML, v4.0'.XMLHTTP40
    'domDoc' is 'Microsoft XML, v4.0'.DOMDocument40
    'domNode' is 'Microsoft XML, v4.0'.IXMLDOMNode
    domDoc := xmlHTTP.responseXML;
    domNode := domDoc.selectSingleNode('//rss/channel/item/title');
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    Cool. And then you can use domDoc.Save('c:\somefolder\somename.xml'); to save it somewhere.
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    Nice. Who will be the first to create a Navision object that displays the Discussions, while one is working with Navision ;-)
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    LOL, the MBS - NaviRSS add-on =D>
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    Hey guys, I was following your discussion and tried it myself.
    It works perfectly fine with pure xml data. But is there a possibility to read just normal html-formated websites into navision ? I cant figure out how to read the complete website.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    P.S. In fact it is nor a real html website, but i dont know if you guys are familiar with the wddc format ?
    But one i have read the website into navision, i should be able to play around with it =)
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    I have the same issue: but different...

    Anybody knows how to retrieve jpg's in navision.
    I have the url available eg
    Now I need to import the pic into a blob.

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