Where is Database | Test function?

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Why there is no more Database | Test function in newer versions (2017, 2018) like in old Classic Client? Is there another way to test data consistency? I tried to find something and the closest thing is codeunit 134926 Table Relation Test, but it checks technical aspects of relations (like data types of related fields), not the actual data consistency.


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    The "Database -> Test function was only available for native NAV database. For SQL databases you need to use SQL tools, (DBCC CHECKDB etc)
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    Actually, it did exist on SQL Server Option in Classic Client, I’m just running it in NAV2009 finsql.exe. Thanks for DBCC/CHECKDB info. I will check it out, but I doubt it will be able to check field relationships between tables which is my primary concern. Especially conditional ones like “Sales Line”.”No.”:

    IF (Type=CONST(" ")) "Standard Text" ELSE IF (Type=CONST(G/L Account),System-Created Entry=CONST(No)) "G/L Account" WHERE (Direct Posting=CONST(Yes),Account Type=CONST(Posting),Blocked=CONST(No)) ELSE IF (Type=CONST(G/L Account),System-Created Entry=CONST(Yes)) "G/L Account" ELSE IF (Type=CONST(Item)) Item ELSE IF (Type=CONST(Resource)) Resource ELSE IF (Type=CONST(Fixed Asset)) "Fixed Asset" ELSE IF (Type=CONST("Charge (Item)")) "Item Charge"

    I guess it could be done from C/AL using RecordRef/FieldRef and Table Relations Metadata. But it would also be great to put it back in Development Environment.
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