Powershell Import-NAVApplicationObjectFile slow


I am currently busy creating a Powershell script which automatically builds a development database.
The script pulls the Dynamics NAV 2018 standard objects from a git repository. We have an additional repository for our company's solution which stores the solution as DELTA files.
Now I use the DELTA files against the Dynamics NAV 2018 standard objects and create merged application objects.
All of this works flawlessly, now the time consuming part is kicking in:

I want to import the merged application objects to the database. I tried both variations:
Get-ChildItem $merged_objects | Import-NAVApplicationObject -DatabaseName $target_database -SynchronizeSchemaChanges No
Get-ChildItem $merged_objects | Join-NAVApplicationObject -Destination .\merged_objects.txt -PassThru | Import-NAVApplicationObject -Database $target_database -SynchronizeSchemaChanges No

Both approaches take more than an hour to complete.

Is there any way to speed up this process?

Thank you in advance.

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