The System is not accessible

Hello folks,

I upgraded the NAV 2009R2 to NAV 2013 and then to NAV 2018 and compiled all the objects in NAV 2018 development with Synchronization with Validate and when I run any table it shows the error as "System is not accessible". I checked the instance it was running and when I open the SSMS and try to see that database which was in NAV 2018 then in the SSMS I can see only system tables only not standard and also not customization tables.

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  • afarrafarr Member Posts: 287
    I haven't done an upgrade for a few years, but I have some basic questions and comments.

    What steps did you use to upgrade to Nav 2013?
    And what steps did you use to upgrade to Nav 2018?
    Did you run any upgrade codeunits? Did you open the database in Development Environment to convert it?

    Could you run the standard tables, and customised tables, in NAV 2013?

    If you took a SQL backup of the Nav 2013 database, and the tables seem fine, the you could continue the upgrade from there, instead of starting again from scratch.
    Alastair Farrugia
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 76
    Thanks for reply Afarr,

    I followed this video and done accordingly for conversion I used the Upgrade tools as per the video.
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