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please help - I am working with another party, which will consume BC web services and use bound actions.
Setup: BC on premise in cloud, ODATA and SOAP services enabled.
I created simple page object with four columns running on Purchase Header. Then I created functions for calling release and reopen functionality.
Second party is developing in .NET and wants to use my functions. But developer does need help.
We are able to insert new record using another web service, do modify... but calling of fuction failed...
I checked functionality using POSTMAN, it works without problem.
Can you provide me with some guidelines, how to consume ODATA web service and use bound actions? Second party wants to use ODATA, not SOAP.

I attached my object for reference. https://apicz-my.sharepoint.com/:t:/g/personal/mbokuvka_axiomprovis_cz/EbuZu9A0n_FInhLPS9CJLAcBK8XcRBTpOzDJw7FVfV3TuQ?e=9HzGJr

Thank you in advance.

Martin Bokůvka, AxiomProvis
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