How to translate Business Central Base Application?When will "Partner Translation Toolkit" release?

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Hello all, we are trying to upgrade our localization solution to Business Central from NAV 2017. Since Microsoft does not handle localization and translations in Turkey, partners have to handle these requirements in order to sell/implement NAV/BC. Sometime ago Microsoft published a list of partners/regions who developed a custom localization. My question is how the hell partners managed to release a localization with custom translations which are not built-in languages. How did they managed to add an additional language that is not already added by Microsoft without PLLP? (Partner Translation Toolkit)

We can translate and import the CaptionML as txt file from Development Environment but since we can not choose Turkish language from NAV, translated captions doesn't appear in application. How can we get related ResX and unsealed fin.stx fin.etx files for Business Central?

In NAV 2017, translation was 4 part;

1) ResX files
2) Captions
3) Profiles
4) .stx and .etx files

Business Central W1 14.0 On-Prem Translations will be still same? Whats your thoughts about topic?


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    We sent e-main to mbsquery:
    "Dear Team Members,

    Since the related web page of PartnerSource is not available (it is under maintenance) we are not able to check for the PLLP Partner Translation Toolkit for Dynamics 365 Business Central Spirng 2019 version (Build No: 14.0.29530.0). Therefore we need your kind support.

    If the PLLP Partner Translation Toolkit is already published, could you kindly send us that package, or a link that we can download the package?

    Their answer:
    "Thank you for contacting us.

    Please note that Partner Source is still offline but we are expectuing that the Platform to be functional by the end of this day or tomorrow.
    As we use the same platform we don;t have access to these informations related packages or a link where you can download it.
    Feel free to contact us with any further queries.

    Have a good day!

    Still i could not find an proper answer :(

  • Hi,

    you can use the NAV 2018 Partner Translation Toolkit and manually copy the all translation files (Dlls) to the server client and web language folders, it worked for me.
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