NAV2017 - IIS / Webservice in DMZ - Login with WindowsLogin

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Hello all,
I have a problem. Im setting up NAV 2017 environment for customer. SQL, NAV Server and Webclient are all on seperate servers. SQL and NAV Server are inside the company domain. But the webclient is located on special DMZ machine, located outside the company domain.

Now I created two webclients on DMZ. One with NAVUser Password Login works well.

One with WindowsLogin.
Is there a possibility to configure the NAV Webclient on IIS in a way, that the AD Validation of the users is beeing redirected to internal server.
I don't want to build an extra readonly AD Server in DMZ only for validating the external windows logins.



  • dave_cdave_c Member Posts: 45
    The UserName credential type may do what you need:

    With this setting, the user is prompted for username/password credentials when they access Dynamics NAV. These credentials are then validated against Windows authentication by Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. There must already be a corresponding user in Windows. Security certificates are required to protect the passing of credentials across a wide-area network. Typically, this setting should be used when the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server computer is part of an authenticating Active Directory domain, but the computer where the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client is installed is not part of the domain.
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    Hello Dave,

    thanks for the reply.

    In NAV2013 it worked in this way. At the user prompt I was able to post Windows credentials and the user Login worked well from dmz.

    In NAV2017 the Login is rejected....
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