Update dimensions in posted documents

albertoalberto Member Posts: 59

my client asked me to update dimensions on posted documents (Navision2016).
They added a new dimension for Customer, and they want to ADD it in all posted documents (these documents have already other dimensions).

I tried to update T112 and T21 with function GetDeltaDimSetID (CU408) as used in UpdateAllLineDim, but i received "Dimension Set ID" that i have on customer (it substituted dimensions, not "merge" between dimension from T18 and T112)

I don't understand why UpdateAllLineDim function updates me from T112 to T113 "merging" dimensions, but if i use the same function from T18 to T112 it substitudes dimensions.

Anyone did this job before (in Navision versions after 2009) or do you have suggestions?



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