How to Create Purchase order in Transfer Order?

Sai_123Sai_123 Posts: 18Member
Hey Guys! I need to create a purchase order in transfer order by using a button in action ..!


  • RobyRRobyR ItalyPosts: 39Member
    If I understand correctly, you need to create a subcontracting order related to a transfer order, am I right?
    In this case, your customer need an extended license in order to have the production department active and then the process will be the opposite:
    Production order -> Subcontracting Order -> transfer order for subcontracting

    If I understood wrong then, why you need to create a purchase order from a transfer order?
  • Sai_123Sai_123 Posts: 18Member
    I need to create a PO in transfer order while keeping a button in TO which will create a PO of TO order...
  • RobyRRobyR ItalyPosts: 39Member
    Ok, consider the fact that a purchase order expect a receipt, so the standard, regarding the Subcontracting Order, use production order things as receipt (value ledger, resource ledger, job ledger,...).
    In your case, you want to create (and keep link as I understand) between a transfer order (whose purpose is to transfer goods you already have) and purchase order (whose purpose is to get new items)..
    Why you want to connect them? The only situation I think about is Subcontracting, but there is already a standard for this.
    Can you explain better the necessity?
  • robbonickrobbonick Posts: 39Member
    I have seen this in the past, and I am assuming you want the Purchase Order to "Purchase" the subcontracting service from the Transport Vendor? @RobyR - I am intrigued by what you have mentioned, is it better to use a Production Order in this case?
  • RobyRRobyR ItalyPosts: 39Member
    @robbonick it is quite complex and you can't do so many personalization on it, but in my own opinion, yes. The standard process works well, although it has some limit of course.

    You have to create the setup for vendor, production area, BOM, item, routing,... As in every kind of production environment and then you can use the "subcontracting worksheet" to create purchase orders for subcontracting (in purchase line you can find production order references fields) and a connected transfer order.

    Of course this structure is complex and rigid, but because it is standard, I prefer and suggest it
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