How to Create Purchase order in Transfer Order?

Sai_123Sai_123 Posts: 18Member
Hey Guys! I need to create a purchase order in transfer order by using a button in action ..!


  • RobyRRobyR ItalyPosts: 15Member
    If I understand correctly, you need to create a subcontracting order related to a transfer order, am I right?
    In this case, your customer need an extended license in order to have the production department active and then the process will be the opposite:
    Production order -> Subcontracting Order -> transfer order for subcontracting

    If I understood wrong then, why you need to create a purchase order from a transfer order?
  • Sai_123Sai_123 Posts: 18Member
    I need to create a PO in transfer order while keeping a button in TO which will create a PO of TO order...
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