Best license for developing in 365

Paul365Paul365 Posts: 2Member
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Dear experts,

We're a 2017 end user, soon to be upgraded to 365.
In previous versions of NAV we're developed integrations to our WMS etc. internally through an Application Developer license.
(No modifications to posting routines, mainly reporting, codeunits with web service integrations and storage in own tables).

However 365 is a new world and the reason for posting this question is that our partner also couldn't provide any answer (yet).

We're planning to package our "custom" modifications into an extension and wondering which license would you need for developing this?
As it looks like MS is opening up the platform to a broader range of developers (which is good, I guess) but do you still need a developer license?
And if so which one would suffice?

I've looked at the docs on customersource but came up short.

Any insights?

Thanks for any guidance,



  • JuhlJuhl Posts: 659Member
    No license needed, if you don’t need cside,onprem,docker.
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  • Paul365Paul365 Posts: 2Member
    Hi Juhl, thanks for sharing.
    We have onpremise version, would this change your answer?
  • JuhlJuhl Posts: 659Member
    No, not as long as it’s Extensions only.
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