Codeunit "Certificate Management" method 'GetCertAsBase64String'

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i cannot Use Certificate Management.GetCertAsBase64String method for extensions for this i create my own becuase i need the certificate that the user Upload, when i debug the native BC the Certificate Management.GetCertAsBase64String get the certificate string with no problems but when i call my method do not find the data on the ISOLATEDSTORAGE.GET i am sending the same parameters that the native code

The data storage is configure as company and User and when i send it on the get i send it the rigth scope and nothing is retrieve this is why i am asking if something is missing

and no i try with the other two options (user and company) and i have the same result with natvie code retireve the data and with my code don't

i am loosing something to call the get from ISOLATEDSTORAGE correctly?

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