DataUpgradeMgt.SetTableSyncSetup 2nd paramter when deleting a field

jwilderjwilder York, MainePosts: 263Member
I am working on the upgrade codeunit for NAV 2018 and came across something odd. When removing a field it seems Microsoft uses 2 ways to force the data to be deleted:
DataUpgradeMgt.SetTableSyncSetup(37,0,TableSynchSetup.Mode::Force); or
DataUpgradeMgt.SetTableSyncSetup(37,DATABASE::"Sales Line",TableSynchSetup.Mode::Force);

The only difference is the second parameter. I prefer the first method as it doesn't really make sense to include the second parameter when you are forcing deletion. Is there actually a difference in behavior of the 2 above statements?
Jason Wilder
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  • jwilderjwilder York, MainePosts: 263Member
    Thanks! Weird though in the Microsoft Upgrade Toolkit for 2018 they usually use 0 as the second parameter but there are some instances they use the Table itself.
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