The runtime version '3.0' is not supported by the AL compiler

weneedweneed Posts: 9Member
I've installed last CU04 Business Central Version.
After I've installed Visual studio Code and AL extension from VSIX file included in package.
When I create my first AL project an error was in problem list:

"The runtime version '3.0' is not supported by the AL compiler"

Whats the problem?


  • weneedweneed Posts: 9Member
    I've solved installing AL extension from Visual Studio replacing VSIX installed from BC installation folder.
    Now cannot download symbol:

    The request for path /BC130/dev/packages?publisher=Microsoft&appName=System&versionText= failed with code NotFound. Reason: No published package matches the provided arguments.

    All parameter are correct.-
  • weneedweneed Posts: 9Member
    OK solved also this. Problem is in my app.json. Platform version must be: "" not: "",
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