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WehyWehy Member Posts: 4

I would like to set visibility for a subpage based on a value of a field on card page.
I want to give two paramter with 'OR' relation.
The problem: How to give it without syntax error? Or is this even possible?
Maybe if not, then should i create the subpage 2 times on the card? 1 for the optionA and 1 for optionB?

"Field Value"='Aoption' | 'Boption'
"Field Value"='Aoption' or 'Boption'

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  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 373
    You can use a boolean variable in the main page (where the subpage is linked to the main page):
  • WehyWehy Member Posts: 4
    This is the current solution of mine.

    For the 2 status i'm changing the value of a boolean, in the OnValidate() trigger of the field.
    So there's no option to type it in as a property if I want to make it visible just for 2 option from many others.

    IF "Fieldname"='optionA' THEN
    ELSE IF "Fieldname"='optionB' THEN
  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 373
    Put your code onaftergetrecord too, and use the property I showed you.
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