Copy the setup to a New Company and import the data unposted!

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Hello, gents. I am seeking help to the below and thanks in advance for whoever gives a hand:

1. Copy the company setup from another without data, NAV 2016. Take all the setup data except posted purchase orders, sales orders, productions, G/L and many others ...
2. Import all posted data from the old company (Like purchase orders sales orders, expenses, salaries ... all) in a way they are unposted so we can review and post again the needed. In other words, having an exact same Company like the old but without last year data and with the current year data unposted.
3. The purpose of this is to clear the old year data and have a clean current year data.
4. How to deal with balances as well, opening and closing balances ... Financial point of view not to be missing anything.

I would appreciate if someone would shed the light on the steps to be done in addition to any precaution to be taken into consideration prior/post the process.


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    I would rather you take a copy of the company and write a code to delete all transactions from the company. A good start is to delete records from all tables that has the dimension set Id field. Normally all transaction table has the dimension set I'd field. Then also delete all the register table.
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    Thanks, Jordi for your reply. Can you support your suggestion with the exact tables and what do you mean by has the dimension set ID field? Register tables?

    What about copying again the orders unposted again, is there a practical way?
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    You can easily find this out. There is a system table called "Field". This table lists out fields used by tables. Create a page to open this table, because this is a table that is not runnable directly. Then when you have open this table via a list page, filter for field name "Dimension Set ID" and you have the list of tables that uses this field.
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    NAV has already a page that lists all the fields in the database. Page 7702 it is.
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    I´m afraid this would not be possible. Deleting all transactions is an approach to go-live from a testing Company. But to delete only some transactions is another story. If an order is posted it cannot be "unposted" like you describe so that part would fail. Then you will most likely have posted receipts last year that may be invoiced this year and other transactions in some cases pending during the year cut off etc.
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    Thanks guys, I will check and come back for further help if needed.
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