what actually runs behind when click the post button

bintubintu Member Posts: 3
Hi All
Please help me out ! i want to take one field in purchase order header like field name : PON
when PON field empty receive is acceptable not invoice if PON Field is not empty then receive and invoice can be process successful

how can i write c\al code for above senario.
help me out!!


  • wynner0wynner0 Member Posts: 8
    codeunit 90 is Purchase - post
  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Member Posts: 1,139
    Post of what, Sale, Purchase, Production.............

    There's many post button in NAV and everyone has there own posting routine.:)
  • bintubintu Member Posts: 3
    purchase order post....
  • apapapap Member Posts: 67
    Bintu, if i understood correctly your need you should work at codeunit 90 Purch.-Post,study the local function LOCAL CheckMandatoryHeaderFields(PurchHeader : Record "Purchase Header") or add your line of code there.
    I don't know your experience,but if you are not familiar with NAV posting routines - procedures, i would suggest to study them and understand them through the stack trace of the debugger,before even you do some small amendment to check a field
  • navleongnavleong Member Posts: 4
    Use EventSub Handler to write code above it. Trigger point set at codeunit 90-"Purchase post". After that slowly pick a event to test your code.
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