Customer Type 'Person' - need to reapply.

RairoRairo Member Posts: 11

I have an issue with the Customer Type (Relationship Management)

- When I open a new contact card (from relation ship management)
- Goto the button 'Functions' -> Todos
- Only the Company name is in the blue bar on top


When I go back to the contact card, reselect TYPE to Person again (eventhough it was already on person).....and then follow the procedure above
- First company name and then companycontact name is in the blue bar

Meaning everything is relinked properly again.

There are over 10000 customers in that database, I need to be able to relink everything accordingly, but there are some problems with the business relations. When there is a business relation, it cannot be changed to Person. I first need to remove the business relationship, then change the Type to Person again, and then create the business relationship.

If anybody can provide me with some insight on how to accomplish this, it would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried in a report

but having some issues with that.

Thank you!
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