NAV Classic Install build 38655


My first post here - we have an older installer for NAV 2009 R2 - BUILD32012 however.

Our database was upgraded to 38655 about a year ago and we moved servers to Azure and then just recently decided to move them to an On prem configuration. But - I cannot get the Job Queues running because the 32012 build for NAS is outdated.

Does anyone have an updated build that they could direct me to? This is a critical component to moving to our on prem solution.

Many thanks in advance for any help the group can offer.

Tyler Sevrens
IT Manager
Sandel Foods Inc.


  • ErictPErictP Member Posts: 163
    Follow the steps described in this article: Hotfix build 38655
  • cygnuscygnus Member Posts: 3
    Hello Tyler,

    Have you been able to get the hotfix? It's not available at Microsoft Partnersource anymore..
    And when you have it, is there a possibility to share it with me?
    Thanks in advance.

    Edwin Heidbuurt
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