Limited number of users in partner license

malintusmalintus Posts: 26Member
Hi Community,
We are facing with license problem. Customer has above 20 users in his license. If I upload our licencse (I mean partner license) error: "Your program license does not permit more users to work simultaneously..." shows up. It's because of that the partner license has only 20 users. Is it possible to increase number of users in partner license? Anyway, why this kind of restriction exists in partner license at all?


  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 214Member
    The new BC developer license can hold 150 users, but as a NAV license, I do not believe that it is possible
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  • sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Posts: 104Member
    Why would you need to upload your licens to a live database?
    Alternatively create a seperate Service Tier, and only restart this when you upload the licens. That way the customer continues on their own licens and you can work on your Developement License.
  • malintusmalintus Posts: 26Member
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    @sorenhinrup Unfortunately it doesn't work this way. I did my instance and I upload
    licensense in development environment connected to my instance and restart it. It doesn't metter to which instance users are connected metters only number of user connected to database. In this case is more then 20 users and NAV did not allow me to enter because of license restriction.
    I need to upload our license to live datebase because I want to correct data in posted documents. I know I can do it by report or sql but from development is much more quicker and safer. It was much more simpler in Nav 2009 and earlier :(
    @SanderDk Thanks Sander it's good that they increased number of users in BC, but still I do not understand this restriction for partners.
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