How to add, Advance filters in Business Central (NAV 2019)

Hi Experts,

I need to add more field filters to the 'Suggest Vendor Payments" in Payment Journal.


Exactly like advanced filters in NAV 2018 etc.

Do you guys know a way to to this?

TIA. :)


  • wynner0wynner0 Posts: 8Member
    I looked into this and couldn't find a way other than exporting the report with text2al tool and chainging the ReqFilterFields property for the Vendor dataitem, then adding it to another page action and publishing as an extension. I hope I am missing something because this seems like a major feature missing from BC.
  • nthalagala001nthalagala001 Posts: 3Member
    edited 2019-03-21
    I agree. It seems limitations in the web client. :/
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