List of predefined user groups, permission sets etc in NAV2018

bedalbedal Member Posts: 5
In NAV 2018 there are som predefined:

- User Groups
- Permission sets
- Profiles
- Rolecenters

Are there some list and descriptions of the predefined subjects from above?


  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 528
    what kind of description do you need?
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  • bedalbedal Member Posts: 5
    I have not found any descriptions yet so any description would be appreciated.
    It could be something about the which use the group, profile and rolecenter are ment for.
    For the permission sets more detailed about which limitations has there been made in each set.
  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 528
    you can check the description of names of user groups and role centers and figure out what they do. I myself have not see comprehensive documentation.
    United Kingdom
  • bedalbedal Member Posts: 5
    Exactly - Thats why im asking for documentation. I havent found it either.
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