Posted sales invoice line not posted to GL and other table

yugi200186yugi200186 Member Posts: 20
Hi, i'm using NAV 2009 R2 build 32012 and currently i have a problem which randomly occured.

The problem is when i posted sales invoice one of the line, usually the last line, aren't completely posted to every table.

Here's the sample of the posted document when i navigate them

Document No X001

Posted Sales Invoice
Line 01 - Type Resource - Resource No. A001 - Qty 1 - Line Amount Exclude VAT 1000 - Vat 100
Line 02 - Type Resource - Resource No. A002 - Qty 2 - Line Amount Exclude VAT 1000 - Vat 100
Line 03 - Type Resource - Resource No. A003 - Qty 1 - Line Amount Exclude VAT 500 - Vat 50
Statistic : Total Amount Exclude VAT 2500 - VAT 250 - Total Amount Include VAT 2750

GL Entry
Income Statement GL Acc 1 - Credit - 1000
Income Statement GL Acc 2 - Credit - 1000
Balance GL Acc - Debit - 2000

As you can see above, it is as if the system doesn't post Line 03 of the Sales Invoice to GL Entry.

Update : Not only GL Entry, every table after posting are also affected. This include : VAT Entry, CLE, Detailed Cust. Ledger Entry, and Resource Ledger Entry.

If you can help me identify what is the cause of this and what solution i should do i will appreciate it.

Thank you.

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  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Member Posts: 1,047
    Ideally it should be, any customisation you did?
  • yugi200186yugi200186 Member Posts: 20
    Ideally it should be, any customisation you did?

    No customization. If there was a customization, it should be consistent, but the staff said it happens randomly (even on the same process and same field filled) and it's very rare.

    This made me scratching my head until this day. Any insight on what caused this is appreciated.
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