NAV 2018 Web Client gives Wrong Build warning

Goran1987Goran1987 Posts: 2Member

On my server I have installed NAV 2018 build 23572. Recently I also added NAV 2018 build 24742. I copied files in RTC folder and also in Service folders and created three new service instances for that build. RTC works fine. Few days ago I created a web service for one of the instances and when I try to connect using mobile app or web client on PC i get message:

"The build version of your client or of the web server components is different from the build version of the server instance that you connect to. However your connection works.

Client version:11.0.21836.0
Server version: 11.0.24742.0"

I don't get it where does NAV store this information, because there is no installation of the 21836 build of the NAV 2018. Do anyone have any idea ?

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  • Goran1987Goran1987 Posts: 2Member
    Yes, that helped, thank you very much. Don't know how the DLL's of this version got there.
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