Item Ledger Entries

hello, can somebody explain to me when item ledger entries are being created


  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Member Posts: 1,139
    Item ledger entry is basically a transaction which shows you all the related transactions for an item, this comes into picture when you have any quantity related transaction for an item. This can happen from Sales Purchase, Journals.... etc
  • navisionerinnavisionerin Member Posts: 161
    thank you!
  • navisionerinnavisionerin Member Posts: 161
    so if I have posted a production order, I should have item ledger entries for this item, right/?
  • da_nealda_neal Member Posts: 76
    Impossible post Production Order, you can post journal lines for Production Order. It can be capacity or Item ledger entry as result.
  • navisionerinnavisionerin Member Posts: 161
    so I should not expect to have item ledger entries after this;
    I am trying to post production orders. When I try to post the orders, they seem to post OK as the system does not generate an error. However, no item ledger entries have been created for the item or it’s configuration items. The production order is marked as having been posted but still shows as outstanding, I am really confused here.
    Any ideas?

    however i did succeed with another item..? i dont get it
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