Trying to PostInventoryToGL when post a Warehouse Shipment

IvonaKIvonaK Posts: 96Member
edited 2019-03-13 in NAV Three Tier
Sorry it was my mistake. The system works OK.

Hi all,

My client wants to post a Warehouse Shipment but the system gives him an error saying that Dimension is missing. The system tries to post GL entry.
I have seen that the system goes in CU 22 and tries to PostInventory to the GL

IF ValueEntry.Inventoriable AND NOT Item."Inventory Value Zero" THEN

Can someone tell me what Inventoriable does it mean?

Thanks a lot,


  • andrew_acteonandrew_acteon Posts: 8Member
    So do you have the appropriate dimensions on the sales order you are shipping?
  • IvonaKIvonaK Posts: 96Member
    Yes, that was the problem, The dimension was missing on Service Order.
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